Do You Dream About Me

by Peter Wullen

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Collaboration with Chinese experimental musician Dickson Dee. It is based on his sounds, a part of 'Blind Man Tales' by Gintas Kraptavicius & found sound by Emmanuel Mieville. The starting point was my poem 'Do You Dream About Me?'. The poem is read by Cheri Gao. It's a dreamy & sometimes noisy piece of 18 minutes in total. An intriguing combination of quiet, loud and found sound. It is very well crafted & i am proud to be part of this magnificent team! Dedicated to the late great noisemaster Zbigniew Karkowski. Part of this track used ZK sounds from the unreleased "reconstruction" album by ZK and Dickson Dee.


released August 11, 2015




HAZE Netlabel Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: Do You Dream About Me

“’Ugh’ she groaned squeamishly. To be so far inside the earth was a nightmare come true. ” (‘Under the Skin’, by Michel Faber, Canongate Books, 2014, page 167)

in this type of false awakening

metaphysics he said
coldly very nasty
denial of life

the subject appears to wake up in a realistic manner

look I said suddenly
I’m afraid I can’t stay here
I have a very strong feeling
that this is a dream
and I’m about to wake up

but to an atmosphere of suspense

you cannot properly speak of waking up
he said when I say something is going up
I mean that it is directed towards a position
which is located above its starting point

the subject becomes aware that something unusual is happening

it is meaningless to speak about waking
because it would be a confusion of categories
to suppose that waking is located above sleeping

his surroundings may appear normal

but at this point
with a certain sense relief

the end result would appear to be
characterized by feelings of suspense
excitement or apprehension

I awoke